Each Focus Area aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and support a Circular Economy.

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It's crucial that we work towards rapidly becoming more Energy Efficient and transition to Renewable sources to reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring Resiliency against natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes & earthquakes.  



Water is Life! It is important that our waterways are oceans are pollution free. The water which we ingest needs to be clean, without toxins and alternative ways of purifying our water without chemicals is needed.Water conservation and sanitation is crucial to the health of our people and the future of our planet.



We breathe in 11,000 litres of air each day, which is equivalent to 23,040 breaths! Each breath of life is precious. Whatever we put into our bodies needs to be unpolluted, whether we're inside our homes or offices or outdoors. Air is everywhere.Diseases caused by poor indoor and outdoor air quality are numerous and tend to be unknown. Awareness on this matter and supporting policies are essential.



Waste,whether its municipal solid waste, organic waste or otherwise can be looked upon as a resource (with the exception of hazardous waste). It's important we change the way we view waste. Looking at technologies and ways of converting this waste into a clean energy source or even nutrients for other species of life, (the way nature does), is vital to ensure true sustainability of our         planet and the human civilization.

The future of the food and agriculture industry lies in the hands of the citizens. From knowing where your food comes from, one can make better decisions for one's family by refusing to eat chemically laden food, to choosing to eat more local; promoting home grown food. These small but important decisions that can boost a nation's economy and promote health and self-sufficiency.

New means of producing food in less space without the use of pesticides are necessary.





The negative impacts of poor land use, improper planning and climate change can reverse thousands of years of ecological growth in a matter of days to months. It's crucial that restorative and regenerative practices are adopted widely to revive natural habitats and ecosystems as we depend on nature for food, air, shelter and overall survival.




Regenerative Buildings and Communities represent the best in deep green designs creating examples of true resiliency (on all levels) from energy, environment & economical to social and cultural.

The Living Building Challenge is the world's most progressive, rigorous and stringent green building program. Creating model projects on our island, we can help drive the much neede transformation of the built environment in T&T and also in this region.

Innovation and technology emerge from the creative aspects of our being. The evolution of our planet and civilization relies heavily on it and we're seeing the many benefits from disruptive technologies and solutions that will indeed improve the lives of millions on earth. 

The key is to approach problem solving in an integrative and  holistic manner so as to create true solutions that will last and bring about greatest value to all creating abundance.



Green Transportation is the future! As the world population increases and so to travel, we can see low or zero carbon means of transportation which is faster, more efficient and less noisy on the rise. Getting from one place to another will become a more pleasant experience . Alternative, clean fuels and sources of power will be necessary to reduce our carbon footprint .



Health and overall well-being is quickly becoming the focus of many discussions. As the pace of life seems to be rapidly increasing, along with the unhealthy office and outdoor environments many are exposed to on a daily basis, this places a huge burden on our immune system. Maintaining good health (mental, physical, emotional) needs to be a focus at our work places and in our families. Developing a healthy lifestyle through various practices needs to become a priority.

           "Your health is your wealth."



Youth and female empowerment is more important

now than ever before. As more young ladies enter the workforce and become contributors to society, it's important that we place emphasis on education, mentorship and empowerment. Supporting the youth of our nation is key to ensuring a successful future.

"Education lays of a foundation for vibrant lives

for girls and women, their families &            communities". PROJECT DRAWDOWN


youth & female empowerment

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion are becoming more common topics of discussion. In a time where there seems to be so much conflict and segregation in the world, it's crucial that we work towards creating environments where everyone has equal access to opportunities, a life of dignity, education, health and well-being. We live in a unique time in history where, if we create a solid foundation now, there'll be a better chance of creating that future we all dream of;one in which there's peace, prosperity and unity .