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Building Resilience with Keiron Nanan

At REgenTT Perspectives, our goal is to give a platform to those who are passionate about making a positive change in Trinidad and Tobago and to inspire others to action. One such person is our newest contributor Mr. Keiron Nanan, a young professional Engineer who is passionate about Energy Efficiency in buildings. Below are some insights into Keiron's inspirations and future goals.

Mr. Keiron Nanan

Tell us a bit about your current academic and/or professional pursuits and what was the inspiration behind this path?

Currently, I am working towards obtaining my Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) Certification. I’ve been interested in energy-efficient buildings for a few years now, especially in the science behind the simple building designs and modifications and how these can save tonne loads of money. My dad actually got me involved with ASHRAE back in 2014, when he learned about an Energy Modeling Competition. He told me to apply and explore, see what it was about; so I did and I’ve enjoyed everything about it since then!

What is ASHRAE and how did you become involved?

ASHRAE is the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. They’ve been in existence since 1894 and develop standards for the industry. ASHRAE has approximately 58,000 members across the world and has led to the transformation of the HVAC Industry. They continue to evolve the Building Energy Efficiency industry, with a stronger focus now on sustainability and the built environment, partnering with many other organisations such as the American Institute of Architects (AIA), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the New Buildings Institute (NBI) to name a few. I became involved with ASHRAE through my dad when we attended the AHRI Trade show in Orlando back in 2014. I was a student member then and became an Associate Member soon thereafter through the Smart Start Program. Mr. Florentino Rodriguez (ASHRAE Region XII Members Council Representative) reached out to a group of us to start a Chapter and that’s when I got even more involved, eventually serving as the Caricom Chapter’s first President (2018-2019).

How do you see the ASHRAE CARICOM Chapter serving Trinidad and the Caribbean region?

ASHRAE Caricom Chapter started out with a small group of forty (40) persons across the Caricom region. We’ve now grown to 80 plus members across the region and are still growing. ASHRAE has made some big strides in Climate Change and Energy Efficiency; we hope to pass this on to Caribbean countries and help to develop the region in this space. We look forward to exploring possible opportunities with REgenTT locally, within Trinidad and Tobago, for projects in the future.

How has serving in non-profit organisations (NPOs) contributed towards your personal and professional growth and why do you think it's important to encourage the younger ones to volunteer and serve?

I think working with non-profit organizations helped develop me personally; it helped me adjust to different personalities and assisted greatly with networking. I’ve had a lot of experience and exposure that I would not have had if I had not been part of an NGO/NPO. I would definitely recommend to anyone, to join an NGO/NPO at least to get the experience and help in their professional and personal development.

5. Have you met anyone or encountered a situation in your life that inspired you or changed your life?

I would have to say a situation that continues to this day, is always being told - I’m too young to be in certain positions and not fully qualified - but I’ve overcome most of these hurdles. I think that our culture, at least in Trinidad, needs to change and mentoring a young person should become the norm. We should encourage young people and help them develop and make positive changes within their communities and country.

What is your vision for T&T?

I hope to see T&T once again take the lead in initiatives for technology and energy-saving, as well as, to develop new industries. I hope in the near future, to see more solar panels on roofs and wind turbines on the hills to help generate power, and have a substantial decrease in our carbon footprint.

In your opinion what are some key issues that we need to address for a more Sustainable T&T?

In my opinion, we need to develop our young people. We need to get our youth involved,

to be a sustainable country and grow.

What advice would you like to give to young aspiring professionals, students, and others?

I would definitely recommend getting involved with an NGO/NPO; students I would say continue to study and aim high. Join the ASHRAE Caricom Chapter if you have an interest in Building Energy Efficiency, Energy Modelling, HVAC systems, Climate Change and overall in creating a more sustainable future.

What are your personal goals?

Personal Goals… this is a tough one. I’m hoping to get my BEMP (Building Energy Modelling Professional) Certification soon and be the first in the Caribbean to have it.

If you had three wishes what would they be?

1. Better economy for Trinidad and Tobago

2. To travel the world freely

3. My dog Moose to live as long as I do.

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