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Community Rules and Guidelines

Community Guidelines for Posts and Comments

Welcome to the REgenTT community, before you start exploring the great content on this site or posting your own please be sure to read the community guidelines.

1) Don’t plagiarize

2) Don’t defame others

3) Don’t name-call, attack, threaten, or use profanity

4) Don’t use posts to promote products or services

5) Don’t use third-party content without permission.If you have permission to use third-party content, give proper attribution

6) Opinions are welcomed, once supported by sound research

REgenTT reserves the right to remove any content that violates any of these guidelines, to block repeat and/or egregious violators from posting, and to suspend accounts as we deem necessary.

Important notes on third party content and reuse of REgenTT content:

Fair use: If you include third-party content in your posts or comments, you alone are responsible for complying with applicable laws and for getting permission from the content owner as necessary.  If you rely on fair use to justify use of third-party content, you alone are responsible for making sure your use constitutes actual fair use under the law.

Attribution: Proper attribution includes listing the author or creator of the content, the title or other name of the content, a link to the content, and a statement of the license under which the content was made available (if any). Snake Bite In Asia: A Review, Alirol, et al,http://www.plosntds.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pntd.0000603, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


All content created on REgenTT Perspectives is owned by our contributors, however, content must be reviewed and approved by the REgenTT editorial staff prior to publishing. This means that the authors of blog posts on REgenTT hold the copyright for their posts but these posts may be reused in whole or in part. If you reuse or repost content from REgenTT, please provide attribution to the author and a link back to the original content.

Requirements for Contributors:

Alignment with REgenTT’s Core Values -

Mandatory Orientation:

An in-person or online meeting is required with each contributor. The purpose is to first inform the author of REgenTT’s mission, values and goals, as well as to get to know the person, their values, passions and how best can our platform help them realize their goals. We like getting to know our contributors personally and ensure our goals are aligned.


Whatsapp and email are the most common communication platforms once you’ve become an official REgenTT Blog Contributor. (Phone calls and in person meetings will be done as needed). REgenTT also uses the Asana platform for task and project management. Training on the use of this platform will be provided, if needed.

Delayed Posts:

In the event of a delay with an agreed blog post, the author should provide at least three (3) days notice if unable to deliver. This will give REgenTT sufficient time to provide alternative content to post.

Editing Process:

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