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REgenTT Perspectives Presents: Darryl Joseph

At REgenTT Perspectives, our goal is to give a platform to those who are passionate about making a positive change in Trinidad and Tobago and to inspire others to action. One such person is our newest contributor Mr Darryl Joseph, a young professional Mechanical Engineer who is passionate about Energy Efficiency, especially as it pertains to mechanical system designs in buildings . Below are some insights into Darryl's inspirations and future goals.

Darryl Joseph, Mechanical Engineer

1) What inspired you to pursue Mechanical Engineering as a stepping stone in your profession or career? I landed in Mechanical Engineering by chance or luck (as some may call it). I had initially sign up to pursue a diploma in Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT) as the two programmes carried the same core courses, however when it was time to specialize, I was the only one left in Manufacturing, so I was asked to join the Mechanical team. After that I never looked back. 2) From your experience, what would you say are some of the misconceptions about the Engineering field or Engineers? I would say that most people think it’s a very lucrative profession. While it may be true for those who work in the oil and gas and process industries, many engineers have humble jobs and are struggling like everyone else. 3) What are some of the lessons you’ve learnt so far in your career? Patience is key. Being a millennial, we can sometimes believe in instant gratification. It takes time to develop excellence - be patient and trust the process. Furthermore, in the Engineering field, standards are critical. If you want quality designs, you need to follow the standards. 4) Have you met anyone or encountered a situation in your life that inspired you to be interested in sustainability?

My previous employer, Mr Andre Escalante exposed me to sustainability. It started as an interest in energy saving technologies such as the Absorption and VRF (Variant Refrigerant Flow) systems, which then lead to further energy saving opportunities and finally Energy Efficient Building designs. From this exposure, I really started to understand what sustainability meant and some of its effects.

5) What is the most exciting project you've worked on? And why was this special or different from others.

The NIBTT Corporate headquarters (in Trinidad) was the most exciting project that I worked on. It was the first and only LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building I had the privilege of working on. (This building is the first to receive LEED Gold certification in the English-speaking Caribbean). Working with a building commissioning team and seeing some of the LEED strategies was very impressive, especially since I recently completed a certification in Building Commissioning. It was a fun and challenging experience, but truly one of a kind.

6) In your opinion what are some key issues that need to be addressed for a more Sustainable T&T? We need to really look at the implementation of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. As it stands, air conditioning utilizes about 40% of energy consumption for commercial buildings. As a growing nation, we can expect to see energy usage rise in both the commercial and residential sectors, due to increase in the use of air conditioning. By implementing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient measures, we can aid in addressing sustainability, while the technology is improving.

7) What is your vision for T&T? I would like T&T to be a leader (in the Caribbean region), similar to Jamaica and Barbados, and actually implement renewable technologies on a large scale. Limiting our dependence on fossil fuels is the only way for us to truly benefit in the long run.

8) What are your personal goals? I would like to establish a successful career and business that supports the vision I hold for myself and T&T, creating value to communities while also having fun and growing with my friends and family. 9) As a contributor to REgenTT Perspectives, what can our readers expect from you in the future? Meaningful content and perspectives surrounding Building Energy Efficiency & Conservation, which includes looking at various technologies in the HVAC (Heating , Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) field and other related systems.

9) If you had three wishes what would they be?

1 – The ability to teleport 2 – To speak, read and write any language 3 – To have a successful business with my friends and family

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